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 Game and Safety Rule Update

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PostSubject: Game and Safety Rule Update   Wed Jun 18, 2014 4:14 pm

Hi All,

Please note that all Omega Ops Airsoft players will be required to carry a red "Kill Rag" with them at all times.  This is now a mandatory game day and safety requirement and we will check for it during the safety briefing!  A Kill Rag must be placed on your head as soon as possible after you have been shot by a player in the field to mark you as dead.

Most of you are already in possession of a kill rag and are using it; we thank you for that.  For those of you who are just joining us or are more used to simply putting your hand or rifle up in the field when hit, please bring a kill rag from now on.  They are inexpensive and any red/bright orange/yellow 8"x8" or larger piece of fabric will do.  We suggest using the red microfiber cloths you can purchase in most cleaning supply sections since they also work great for removing grime of your boom stick or drying your goggles in the safe zone.

Please understand that this is an important rule to follow and will reduce the chances of you getting shot repeatedly when already dead or walking off the field.  

Thank you all in advance.

Your Omega Ops Admin Team
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PostSubject: Re: Game and Safety Rule Update   Mon Jun 23, 2014 8:55 pm

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Game and Safety Rule Update
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