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 REMINDER Zulu 1 Military Simulation Operation SILVERTIP MAY 16th -18th 2014

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PostSubject: REMINDER Zulu 1 Military Simulation Operation SILVERTIP MAY 16th -18th 2014   Tue Mar 18, 2014 1:08 pm

Operation SILVERTIP A 36hr ZULU 1 & TIER 1 RURAL Combat & Training, GOLDEN, BRITISH COLUMBIA, MAY 16-18th 2014.

This is a two week reminder that the $195 earlybird finishes on 31st March 2014. Participants only need to place a deposit payment to qualify with the remainder to be paid before 30 April.
Only paid operators are confirmed if you state on Facebook that you're going but have not paid, please pay to assure your place.

Max capacity 130 players!!

The aim of us all here at Zulu1 and Tier 1 Military Simulation is to bring you the most realistic full on milsim experience not yet experienced in Canada.
Zulu 1 events aim to be the events all other milsims will be judged by.
We have given insight into what we offer however we understand that we may not have made it clear what your $195 will be buying you.

So please see these documents for an overview (of course we will be keeping some surprises for the weekend)
All teams are to be complete (Everything ready to go) on site no later than 08:00hrs Friday 16th May. Teams arriving later or wishing to arrive the evening before will have to notify ZULU 1 prior to this evening

Duration – Admin / Safety Briefing: 0830 Hrs -0915 Hrs. (16th May)
Duration - Phase 01: 0930Hrs – 1959 Hrs. (16th May)
Duration – Enforced Rest: 2000 Hrs (16th May) – 2230 Hrs (16th May)
Duration – Phase 02: 2230 Hrs (16th May) – 1230 Hrs (18th May)

ZULU 1 will provide squad / platoon level radios for BLUE and RED forces.

Inter-squad radios - Provide your own... ZULU 1 Highly encourages you provide a comms setup operating on the 22 GMRS / FRS frequencies for 5W Transceivers. Wouxun / Motorola / Kenwood / Baofeng to name a few.
There will be vehicles in use sporadically throughout the event and site and we have contracted a professional pyro - technician that works in the events and movie field to really help set the hearts thumping with adrenaline!!

The main focus for us is to really give you the player the experience of a combat soldier in theatre, with all the experience he would have from sore feet, lack of sleep to the briefing and Debriefing from CTR patrols  (Close Target Recce).

Upon culmination you will really feel you have experienced a snippet of a soldiers life and, more importantly, take a real sense of pride in your achievements and maybe a few more battle buddies you didn’t have before the game.

Phase 01 will begin early on Friday morning with Royal Marines (Both serving and former serving) leading Rural Combat Training.

The training will cover aspects of operating in a rural environment and elements of Modernized Urban Combat (MUC) for the CQC phase(s).

This training promises to be Physically demanding and will push you mentally.

The training will run all day and follow a progressive format which will finish with several stances after last light.

On completion of the training phase all operators will be able to finalize their equipment and undertake several hours of enforced rest before we move into phase 02 and the 36hr combat operation.

Combat Operation

During the late hours of Friday night to the early hours of Saturday morning, opposing forces will move to their respective tactical assembly areas (TAA) and await intelligence briefs and initial orders.

This will be followed by confirmatory orders for the relevant elements and team leaders.

All players will be in the correct sections and will have been allocated radios to communicate with your command elements by  Friday 20.00hrs.

From this point on, there will not be a safe zone in operation in the game until END EX and the game will only stop for an emergency.

Players will be required to bring the right kit to last the duration in the field – tactically.

You will need to bring all your own food and water and the means to cook with.

You will have to carry with you everything you need for the duration of operations into the field In a Bergen or similar non civilian Ruck Sack.


Reconnaissance troop, A Squadron, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D): 20 places.
US RANGERS Bravo Company, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment - 40 places.

Uniform Requirements:
Multicam, MARPAT (Green), AOR 2, US Woodland and DPM.



Insurgents: 8 places.

Militia: 50 places.

Uniform Requirements:
Traditional Middle Eastern style militia / local Dress where possible.
You can wear a civilian/military mix, OD, Tan and Black.

Do not turn up looking like an American PSD operator.

ABSOLUTELY NO Multicam, ACU, US Woodland.
You will be asked to change out of them


Further info

We currently have 38 paid operators

Let's do this!!
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REMINDER Zulu 1 Military Simulation Operation SILVERTIP MAY 16th -18th 2014
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