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 OmegaOps Announcement - Changes for 2015

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PostSubject: OmegaOps Announcement - Changes for 2015   OmegaOps Announcement - Changes for 2015 I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 23, 2014 2:14 pm

Some of you may have heard some rumours flying about recently, and we apologise on the delay, but here's some truth for those curious; it is with some regret that we announce that as of the end of this year OmegaOps will no longer be hosting regular Sunday games. But we aren't disappearing, or abandoning the community. Instead, we'll be changing to a less frequent schedule, and focusing on planning out our events in more detail in order to bring you the best Big Games, Milsims, and scenarios we can.

In recent months, we feel the quality of our games has begun to slip. There are a number of reasons for this, not least of which is that the time commitments have begun to wear on us; financially, personally, and... squadually? Not sure if that last one is a word.

Between juggling our respective careers and quality time with our significant others, trying to grow and train our squad, enjoying our hobby and planning for the future – with said significant others and also within Airsoft – we've run out of resources, and stretched ourselves too thin. Regular games have become a burden, and they shouldn't be. Airsoft Sundays have become too much of a “I have to be there” feeling, and not enough of “I can't wait to get there.”

The truth is there are many that still aren't aware of what we stand for, of what we started OmegaOps to be. Somehow, despite our intentions, we've become just another club. This is not what we wanted. Ever. Clubs are, by their very nature, divisive, exclusive and fracturing. We begun this crusade in order to create a place for the communities to gather into one super community. To allow for the various groups to intermingle and try and find a new, different way of doing things. We wanted the airsoft community to grow and mature, to stand up for itself and take responsibility for its own hobby/sport/lifestyle. Instead we saw an expectation, a sense of entitlement to our time, and our Airsoft experience.

Make no mistake, we are humbled by the trust and faith people put in us, by the responsibility and privilege we found ourselves entrusted with. But it's not what we wanted. We're airsofters, just like you; We just wanted a better game, and a better experience. We had hoped to make something WITH the community, rather than FOR the community. This is why we never asked for payment, why we never sought to profit from our fellow players.

In recent weeks and games, negative opinion and sentiment has been directed towards OmegaOps. Accusations of foul play, of cheating, and not calling hits have been directed at 'OmegaOps.' Let me be clear: OmegaOps consists of two people. Scott “Jukebox” Hackenbruch, and Roman “Faust” Goltz. That's it. OmegaOps is not a club. OmegaOps is not a team. Our team is Legio XIII and our club is Vancouver. There are a number of members of the community that stepped up to help, that frequently volunteered to aid us in our crazy quest, but they were never members, employees or associates of OmegaOps, and it pains us that they, along with us and any players who happened to play our games, have all now been painted with the same brush. This has to stop.

We want to focus on the positive, we want to forge a new path. So, it is with great joy that we are announcing that sometime in the New Year we will be launching our 'Ops Days.' We had mentioned the idea to a select few in the past, but hadn't the time to work on the details. This is what we are going to be doing for the community that has given us a home. Our games - such as Deadly Exposure, Drug Lords, and one or two more that are still in the can – will see a return. We can't tell you when, just yet, as we have committed to helping Panther with some of their games and plans. But we aren't quite done. We just need a break, and time to develop something great, something worth waiting for.

This community has exploded in the last year, or more, and groups such as PAC have grown to astounding numbers. There are many individuals that are starting to host and build their own events, and we are pleased by this. We are confident that someone will be there to carry the torch, every Sunday. For ourselves and our squad, we will be around. We ask that you follow us on our facebook page, our forums or our website. The links are at the bottom of this staggering wall of text. It is there that we will announce when and where our next event will be, and the details around it. We'll also do our best to keep you informed on the local goings on.

Again, OmegaOps is not closing its doors, just passing on the torch to you, the Community, and planning for next year. We've sat on the sidelines, or walked the field too long; It's time to get back to the pew-pew.

See you in the Field.


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OmegaOps Announcement - Changes for 2015
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