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 Avalanch paintball Whistler

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PostSubject: Avalanch paintball Whistler   Avalanch paintball Whistler I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 28, 2015 12:15 pm

Hey operators, I'm here again trying to develop Airsoft in the whistler area. A new field has opened just south of whistler at the camp grounds (avalanch paintball). So yes, shoot n camp is definetley an option. I've talked to the owners about airsoft and they said they would love to have an airsoft game day or days. I need your support! There are limited people up here that even know about airsoft so I'm hoping with your help, we (airsofters) can make a presence out of the box and encourage them to continue with airsoft at their facility. With camping available right on site I'm thinking this could be a two day event. There is two developed fields I think and unlimited anchorage beyond nestled in the middle of the mountains that they said were welcome to use. I'll be going out there sometime this week to recon the area (pics to come) and try to figure out the details. If you have any interest in a mountain operation please sound off! I would love to make this happen.

Sam out
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Avalanch paintball Whistler
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