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PostSubject: oP SILVERTIP AAR   oP SILVERTIP AAR I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 16, 2014 7:27 am

00.15 hrs Saturday May 17th
Mission Briefing conducted by Capt Ed Denson
We are all gathered around a 3mtr x 3 mtr model of the current AO Bear trap in our teams Echo 1 and 2.

The mission briefing lastest a good hr as the Capt briefed us fully using the model all aspects of the the upcoming infiltration.

The basic info was to infil on foot via the afghan border crossing yomp through the night until we locate the pre organised LUP indicated via drone surveillance intel.

Org time was 01.45hrs Step Off 02.00hrs

As I pulled on my Bergen for the first time and made my way to TacHQ team, ECHO 1 and 2 were doing the same.
At 02.00hrs sharp Sgt Tricky of Delta team led us into the darkness. It’s a strange feeling at anytime walking into the wilderness at the dead of night more so when you could easily become the hunted rather than the hunter and I’m not talking my fellow Milsimers Lol!!

We meandered our way through tracks and trails through heavy wooded areas and across a rail line eventually bounding alongside the river whereby by we heard splashing!! Not something we were expecting the troop halted dropped to a knee whilst the recce team with Gen 3 white Phos night vision probed the area, this noise they were sure did not sound human…ooh tense!

The team appeared from the darkness…. False alarm!!

WE rose to our feet, slowly I might add and continued the yomp to the LUP approx. trek of 3-5K. As we approached the main troop halted and the TL’s of each troop were called forward to recce the designated LUP to confirm it was safe and fit for purpose.

We were set into Harbour position with all round defence we started our 50/50’s one on watch whilst the other prepared the site for rest and sentry roster.

Tricky and I in TACHQ prepped our softie jackets (a british army duck down jacket that can be used for sleeping in) it’s very much like a mini sleeping bag. Now I might add, Tricky had the pants to go with the jacket. I, however did not – boy! Did I pay for that!! I woke freezing about 4am didn’t really get anymore sleep, maybe an hour total all night!!

We woke as the teams were changing sentries prepped the jet boil for brekkie, Coffee and some stodge that resembled oatmeal from the MRE’s tasted crap but it was fuel at least, I warmed up slightly and got my kit ready for the first Recce with Echo 2.

We stepped off for the recce at 05.45hrs with target of a suspected Ammo Cache. We made our way for a good hour and half through very dense brush and woodland desperate not to make any noise we found the ammo cache at approx. 08.00hrs full sweep of the area, set up all round defence recce’d the building fully and radioed full sitrep to TACHQ.

Satisfied that we had confirmed the correct cache previously identified on drone intel, we were re org and advance to grid LC.
We handed command over to some junior members of the team and split into two fire teams one headed north east to recce a metallic sphere …
My fire team proceeded northwest along a BUND line toward a road and what appeared to be a gravel pit on the map.
As we had made it to a treeline, from nowhere a technical breached the brow of the hill toward us – no sooner had we seen them, they had seen us and there was a massive scramble to make it to dense cover rounds whistling over our heads as we did so.

We returned fire briefly then went firm and soaked. 30 mins passed as we are still on our bellies in the best cover available when finally the opposite fire team led by TL Holt found us. We radioed our sitrep and were ordered to return to base.

Now the long patrol back.

Back in the harbour area myself and TL Holt gave a full debrief to TACHQ. Plans were afoot to prepare an ambush on the cache to see what we could encourage from the enemy!!

Quick feed and rest in order as we waited for Echo 1 to return from their patrol as we did so the discipline dropped from the teams in the harbour area, talking too loudly and banging equipment, even a ND of a weapon!!

Our luck couldn’t hold forever and the enemy must have heard us, they were upon us!!
A 25 -30 minute firefight after losing our sgt and capt at least once each.

We reorged after the firefight and the decision was made that the harbour area had been compromised and we had to move to a new site.
Guys packed in silence as the rain that had been light showers earlier that morning became light rain then heavier rain.

We yomped onward to the next harbour position as the packs became increasingly heavy as the rain soaked them, water ran down the back of my neck, stumbled and fell several times as the ground underfoot became denser and slippery.

Finally the troop halted, the TL’s proceeded forward to recce the new potential harbour area. The teams went firm and watched our arc’s… from nowhere the Taliban came down the ridgeline and from the north both at the same time…. We were decimated, caught off guard, wet, tired and ready to drop from sleep dep.

Taliban moved through, took intel and disappeared. The harbour changed again.
Up what seemed to be Mount bloody Everest in the pissing rain with 30 KG. I made it up, panting and clutching my knees. Once there and my breath back a harbour area was created and jet boils and hot meals were in order, this was approximately 15.00hrs.

At 16.00hrs orders were given for a recce party of both call signs to ready in 10 mins. We set off on a Recce patrol to set an OP on what was believed to be the Taliban training centre.

It was an uneventful patrol intel was gathered and we returned to the harbour area leaving Echo 1 in the field hunting for the enemy.

Back at the harbour area dry clothes were in order and we were allowed to stand down for a couple of hours to sleep. CTR were scheduled for 02.00hrs Sunday May 18th.

The CTR was taken by TACHQ as they returned at 04.00hrs the plans were readied for a deliberate attack.
Briefing was given to the call sign’s TL’s that we were to assemble at the border crossing location at 05.00hrs assume a staggered line formation and cross the dead ground.

AS we did so and got ever closer to the smaller surrounding building the two call sign’s split under the commanders.
Capt Denson taking ECHO 1 to breach and clear the buildings and we covered their approach, as ECHO 2 under the command of Sgt Tricky.

We made our way gingerly through various small building ever expecting stiff resistance but nothing, building after building until we were upon the main building.
I was leading a fire-team along the northern outer wall of the main hanger when from the buildings southwestern end corner we were blasted by incoming fire we suppressed and moved position fast!!

Many times we probed trying to get the upper hand but the Taliban knew the terrain better and kept us at bay, smoke after smoke was deployed to no avail …

We retreated to resupply and bomb up our mags. Once done a hasty plan was hatched for a full frontal final attack to breach their lines.

WE started at the southeastern end of the building deploying smoke as we went, pushing hard but finally injuries both real and milsim got the better of us, attrition played it’s part and again the BLUFOR fell back as we did so ENDEX was drawn

Now to recount battle stories with our intrepid enemies ….

This is but my personal recount as a player I loved every second of it despite the hardships of sleep dep, heavy bergens, the RAIN oh the rain as has been recounted previously. It is an adventure to be endured, overcome as if a badge of honour

As an organiser I have to thank every single operator that endured that with me- this was a bold venture bringing what we could of a military style exercise to the Milsim community in Canada not knowing if indeed Canada was ready?

STANDBY for info on the next event!!!

On a side note this was a learning curve for me on the marketing of this event, to address the comments made we will make better efforts to inform the community of information going forward and if there any comments or suggestions that anyone wish to make to me privately please do not hesitate to do so

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