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 2015 MilSims @ Panther

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PostSubject: 2015 MilSims @ Panther   2015 MilSims @ Panther I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 07, 2015 10:49 am

In an endeavour to help the local Airsoft Community grow and interact more, Panther has come up with a way to:

1. Get local clubs involved in running the type of Milsim they would like to see played locally
2. Help local Airsoft clubs raise funds for other club activities or supplies.
3. Get the community involved in supporting each other and helping the sport grow.
Panther Action Sportz ( Airsoft Division) will be offering the following dates to the local Airsoft clubs/ Stores/etc., as dates when Panther will shut down Paintball access to their playing fields, allowing use of the entire property in Milsim action.

1. January 25, 2015
2. March 8, 2015
3. April 19, 2015
4. May 31, 2015
5. July 12, 2015
6. August 23, 2015
7. October 18, 2015
8. December 27, 2015
These dates run about every 5-6 weeks So you can count on a bit of a break between schedules Milsims.  All Milsims will have the same “bookends” as follows:
• Fees to play will be $25.00 per person with $10.00 of that going to the host club.
• BBs will be FBO, and $10.00 per 1,000, with $1 for each bag sold going to the host club.
( Basic Math 100 people play = $1,000 to Host Club for the day, each person buys 1 bag an extra $100  more to the host club.)
The theme is whatever you like, no restrictions ( within reason of taste) and first come, first serve.
The Host club will be responsible for promoting the event as well Panther will promote it as much as possible.  Panther will also provide 4 Marshalls / Staff at the Host Clubs disposal for the day @ Panther’s cost.
So any clubs interested pick a date, and give Panther a call, a $200.00 deposit is required to put your club on that date and reserve it ( 20 people show up you are basically paid back, less than 20 people, probably not going to happen?) Clubs who feel they can put on a show here is your chance, the best Airsoft Facility in BC is offering you the use of its location and a chance for your Club to make some cash to further your playing experiences.
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PostSubject: Re: 2015 MilSims @ Panther   2015 MilSims @ Panther I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 08, 2015 12:06 pm

Stay tuned for updates later this week on the first OmegaOps Scenario Day in 2015. We will be hosting an exclusive, ALL FIELD Scenario on January 25th at Panther Airsoft with support from local teams and Panther Staff. If you have played with us before in games such as Deadly Exposure, Drug Lords, and Countdown you won't be disappointed. For our new friends, we will bring special, in-game surprises to amp up the action. News on this will be posted at and on our facebook page here:
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2015 MilSims @ Panther
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